Awesome 2018 10-Pack

Things are a little mixed up right now and I don't have a "studio" to take pictures, but for now have a look at this awesome 2018 10-pack:

So off the top of my head there's only two fantasy cars, meaning that's eight licensed cars. Awesome ratio! And the licensed cars include:
  • a Jaguar of some kind
  • a Mini
  • a Mazda Furai, awesome looking paint on it too
  • a Lancia stratos
  • a Chevy SS
  • a Porsche 911 RS3 of some kind
  • and that green Mazda RX-7.
Oh yeah and a Mustang of some kind.

But what an awesome assortment! Look for these cars to get individual days once I get things sorted.


Volkswagen Kafer Racer

I don't know why I didn't grab this one during '17. I don't think it would have made the top cars of the year list, but it is still a nice coloring.

Volkswagen Kafer Racer
2017 Mainline #056


'90 Acura NSX

Not a bad offering of this casting, although the red one from last time is still up on the wall and this one won't replace it.
'90 Acura NSX
2018 Mainline #004


Olive Pickup

Not so much a fan of this color, I think I've described it as "puke green" elsewhere.

Datsun 620
2018 Mainline #009


Chrome Really Spices Things Up

Chrome can make a real difference for a casting. Think of it as the poor-man's spectraflame, only not quite. But the Rig Heat ends up looking really nice in chrome, with the black plastic pieces setting things off nicely. I even like the wheels.
Rig Heat
2018 Mainline #036


Another Batmobile

Nice casting, decent rendering with the restrained red piping. I like this better than the grey one from last year's set.
2018 Mainline #062



It is unfortunately more than a little reminiscent of some of the poorer historical Matchbox truck offerings. Blobby corners, low details, uninspiring color. Sorry, it is a complete miss from where I sit.

'15 Land Rover Defender Double Cab
2018 Mainline #031



Very nice demolition-derby livery here. Not my favorite rendering of this casting, but still pretty good.

'70 Cheville SS Wagon
2018 Mainline, Unnumbered


White Line

So as a collection gains depth as well as breadth, one gets the opportunity to do some different things. Since we added two white Porsches to the collection this week, I thought it would be interesting to drag out all the white Porsches in the collection so we could have a look at them. And since there are seven of them, it's actually a worth-while exercise.

In no particular order:

Porsche 993 GT2
2014 Mainline #027
This casting has been popular since it first came out; this one is a nice representative of the GT2.

Porsche 934.5
2017 Mainline #004
The 934.5 is too plain somehow. I'm sure we'll get wild deco schemes in future releases, but as-is it is just lacking something. I'd like to see it in more of a deep blue or some kind of red color.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS
2018 Mainline #047
So I actually have three cars that identify themselves as 911 GT3 RS cars, even if one of them is belied by the base of the actual car. This appears to be the more recent version of the GT3 RS; it has more of a aerodynamic look to it and a larger spoiler.

Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
2018 Mainline #044
I quite like this one, little scuffs aside. The 934 is a clean and neat whale-tail car that has some class as well as wild looks.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS
2016 HW Exotics 5-Pack
The second of the GT3 RS instances. If it wasn't for the flea bite on teh driver's door I'd say this car was just about perfect. But right now it is perfection marred, and I don't think that adds anything.

Porsche Panamera
2015 Mainline #186
Another favorite casting, this Panamera isn't the best execution. The white is slightly different from that on the other cars and it ends up looking rougher or shabbier. Not a good look.

Porsche Carrera
2003 Mainline #204 "Final Run"
In retrospect you can understand why this casting got retired -- underwhelming styling from a stamp long in the tooth, and there is a huge amount of material in this car. It wouldn't be a popular purchase, and it costs a disproportionately high amount to manufacture. Still it's a car I remember from my childhood -- well, not this car specifically, but the casting -- so having the "Final Run" of it seems a fitting tribute.


Skulls, dude?

This deco is nice in that it covers the car quite visibly. However it's a bit too fan-boiz of a design for me.
Custom '01 Acura Integra GSR
2018 Mainline #017



Interesting that it is wearing, broadly, the same livery as the first Odyssey did. Again the tampo process proves inadequate to covering a white base. Other than that specific disappointment, I like this a lot.
'85 Honda City Turbo II
2018 Mainline #068


Volkswagen Kafer Racer

This is the first one of these that I've actually liked. The casting is a bit much for me, but with the right deco it can be added to the collection. It's also the first time I've thought a "Magnus Walker" car was really any good.
Volkswagen Kafer Racer
2018 Mainline #002


White Flaws II

The "Now" part of yesterday's "Then & Now" pairing.This one has some discoloring on the roof but other than that is a nearly perfect execution. Very nice.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS
2018 Mainline #047


White Flaws

Another magnificent white Porsche let down by flaws. It is obviously really hard to successfully execute an all-white car.

Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
2018 Mainline #044


Crappy Bonus Content: Extended Skyline Range

I thought it might be nice to have a look at the current range of Skyline/GT-R models in the Hot Wheels line, so here they are:

From left to right:

  • '82 Nissan Skyline R30
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
  • '17 Nissan GT-R (R35)
It isn't clear that the '17 GT-R is actually a Skyline or not, but the lineage is clearly there.


Batmobile Extraveganza II

Well I've been accumulating these for a little while so why not open them all up all together, yes?

So to skip to the end where we compare them -- the mainline JL is darker than the Retro Entertainment JL. The details on the Retro Entertainment car are superior to those on the Mainline car. As to the color, I prefer this light grey BvS car to the black ones we saw last time.

Wheels wise you get what you'd expect. The Mainline cars have standard Hot Wheels wheels, while the Retro Entertainment car has Real Riders. And overall the Real Riders roll worse, but look better.

From a design standpoint we could argue all day about whether or not Batman should be motoring around with what is effectively an anti-tank gun -- if not a full-on artillery piece -- on his car. Batman is supposed to be above this gauche killing everybody that all the villains are about. But guns and missiles are not generally used to take people into custody. I don't know what's happened to Batman over they years, but he's seriously stopped trying to be better than the darkness he's fighting.
Justice League Batmobile
2018 Mainline #001
My complaints about this casting echo those from last time -- the low profile design is ridiculous to start with, and the execution here just makes it look even more squashed. There's no way someone could sit in it and expect to have any kind of sight line of any kind.

The Retro Entertainment car adds some nice paint details, Real Rider tires, and a metal/metal construction for nice heft. On mine the turret is more willing to turn than the one on the Mainline car, but whether that speaks to tighter engineering tolerances or to a piece that's more likely to get floppy and fall out I couldn't tell you.

Justice League Batmobile
2018 Retro Entertainment

...and oh yeah I apparently only took like three pictures of the BvS car, and this is the best of them.

2017 Mainline #001
So I hinted that there was a punchline -- even though the grey is a nicer color than the black, and even though the Retro Entertainment car is nicer all around -- heft, details, wheels, finish -- the black Mainline is the one on display. Why? I really don't know. When I look at the two together, the black one is the one I want to look at more. There really is no accounting for taste.