This car is one of those that you look at and go "okay..." however it has a nice length to it and the rear end is nicely detailed with the tail lights.
Maserati MC12
2005 Mainline #020


Another Neat Little Truck

I have no idea why these little pickups appeal to me as much as they do. This is the recolor of this year's Mazda Repu. It has the same stance as the previous two had. And frankly I think that the chrome base works better on the front of the car than the black plastic did.
Mazda Repu
2018 Mainlines #204
The chrome also makes this car Worthy, replacing the red example of the Repu from earlier this year.



Part of the Chess Pieces set is this new casting of the Fandango we saw from last year. The yellow plastic accent works well with the black paint. Unfortunately the tampo work is very poor and there are lots of flaws. Overall it is still a nice effect though.
2018 Mainlines #212


R30 Recolor

This is the recolor of the red R30 from earlier this year. Frankly I like this one better than the earlier one, even if the details on the nose are lost in the black blob.

Nissan Skyline R30
2018 Mainlines #169


Friday... uh... uhmm...

Yeah I'm out of clever alliterative titles... so here's a Porche. It has tampo work on the front, top and back, so it breaks that pattern for the week. It is a nice car casting, which breaks the truck theme for the week. So I guess we'll have to say this week's theme ended up being Matchbox. This one is also a recent acquisition from Dollarama's stock of oldies.

'14 Porsche Cayman
2016 Matchbox #023

For this one I'd have to say my complaint would be that I don't like the wheels. The design is OK, but the execution seems wrong.

Love the color though. A nice red paint hides a lot of sins.


Thursday Thunder

From the 2018 Jurassic World collection, here's the Armored Action Truck. Clearly what you need when you have to bring people to be slaughtered by biological terror monsters. In what seems to be a theme, we have a casting which is more or less okay to look at let down somewhat with a undifferentiated nose and no tampo work on the front, top, or back. The different plastic colors work ok here to break up the bodywork.

Armored Action Truck
2018 Jurassic World #2


Wednesday Weirdo

If it's Wednesday, it must be truck day. And it looks like we're on a theme for the week, too. This is the Volkswagen Transporter Cab. Basically a camper with the back half re-arranged. I like the color and tampos on this, although again the rear of the vehicle is very plain. The trailer hitch is nice, it makes me wonder about matchbox scale trailers. This particular car was a pick-up from Dollarama's ancient stock, since they don't seem to be cutting it with Hot Wheels case releases anywhere near like last year.

Volkswagen Transporter Cab
2017 #095


Tuesday Truck

And here's a Chevy truck to go with yesterday's Ford. Same box format, obviously this casting was an ambulance in an earlier life. Same tampo limitation to the sides although with the detail and colors of the tampo working with the body color and the white wheels, I think that the whole thing works better than yesterday's Ford. The windshield is textured, which I find a little weird. This one has a bike on the back, apparently there is a variation where it is gas cans instead.

'95 Custom Chevy Van
2018 65th Anniversary #102


Monday Matchbox

The good old Ford Econoline van. This one came in a matchbox type box instead of a blister pack. The tampoing is limited to the sides and there's no interior -- this is a very basic model. A bit disappointing considering that it costs a bit more than a blister pack car.

Ford Panel Van
2018 65th Anniversary #069


Pikes Peak Tacoma Collection Update

There was interest on Reddit about the rest of my Pikes Peak cars. Since putting together the summary page was a pain in the butt, I'm going to just leave a link to that page today rather than provide some new content.

There did turn out to be five cars in the bundle I got off of eBay that were not in my collection, mostly painted/unpainted vents and wheel variations, but there was a Mystery Models car that I'd never heard of before and so now I have that. I think that the only significant PPT I am missing now is the Treasure Hunt from 2000.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have to find something other to do than to go on eBay to try to find that missing Treasure Hunt Pikes Peak Tacoma.


Pikes Peak Celica Collection Update

There was interest on Reddit about the rest of my Pikes Peak cars. Since putting together the summary page was a pain in the butt, I'm going to just leave a link to that page today rather than provide some new content.


White Whale

So what does one say when one harpoons one’s white whale?

Seen below is the 2011 Pikes Peak Celica from the 2012 Commemorative Race Team Multipack. This car represents the last of the Pikes Peak Celica cars that I can confirm existing, making my collection of this casting complete.

Pikes Peak Celica
2011 Team Commemorative Multipack Exclusive 
This one has been particularly hard to find. I only learned of it last year when I got my last PPC car, in the article that complained about the cost of the car. And since then it has never popped up on my eBay searches. Until this once.

Another collector was thinning his collection and had a lot of 26 PPC and PPT cars up for $70 delivered. When it comes to the PPC cars I'm pretty sure that I have them all except this one, so for all intents and purposes I'd be buying this $70 lot for a single car. Sure, I might get some PPT cars out of it that I didn't already have -- the odds seemed good that there would be a couple -- but really, the bottom line was $70 for one car.

Obviously I went for it. It wasn't as easy as all that, it probably took me three days of back and forth before I pulled the trigger on it.

The car itself is beautiful. The previous collector took great care of the cars and shipped them well protected. Purchasing this lot also cements this car as the single most expensive car I've got so far.

I do sort of wonder what I'm supposed to chase now, though. This car was at the top of my list for a couple years, one car that I could confidently state was the car I was looking for to include in my collection. Now I have to find another white whale and I'm a little lost.

10/10 would buy again.



Yep -- why mess with a theme week?

Wheel Loader
2002 Mainline #186