Here is the Nissan Fairlady Z, a car which is confusingly similar to the Custom Datson 240Z which was also new for this year -- and which name-wise is confusingly similar to the Fairlady 2000. It isn't clear why we need so many castings are so similar. But then, we have a billion finely different Mustang castings so who am I to judge?

Nissan Fairlady Z
2017 Mainline #357
The Fairlady Z is a reasonably enough casting, although it emphasizes the narrowness of the car's shape. This is a complete contrast to the Datsun 240Z casting, which is an older casting that has a thick, blunt nose.

When you rack them together, there's an almost delicacy to the front of the Fairlady, along with a bluntness to the rear. The fenders seem to blend into the Fairlady better -- but overall I think the Custom 240Z is the better car.


High Speed Wheels

I have been sitting on this one for a long time, probably since around 2012 since that's when the  series was on sale. I tripped over this by accident somewhere. This is one of my favorite castings so to see it as part of a special series like this is great.

Hopefully I can figure out how to rotate the stupid picture of the card, since, as you can see below, I opened it.

Pikes Peak Tacoma
2012 Team HotWheels 
"High Speed Wheels" are a neat gimmick, especially after the "Faster Than Ever" wheels that we saw in the mid '00s. I even have a PPT with FTE wheels, although as we saw, the manufacturing defect made them much slower than regular wheels. Unfortunately I don't have any way of measuring if these wheels are any better than standard wheels at the moment, but it might make a nice project at some point.

In fact, I think this car looks good with a matte paint finish on it. The black and white is a bit stark, and the dark red is perhaps not the best choice, but overall it is a nicely put together car.


Whale Tail

The second of two Race Day cars I picked up a couple of weeks ago is this 935-78.

This one is pretty nice, the tampoing design is muted and to the point. The red color is nice too. And the wheels are super. However I think that this car won't replace the Track Day 935-78 which is still on display over my desk.
'78 Porsche 935-78
2017 Race Day #1


Mixed GT-R

Here's the recolor of this year's GT-R -- and while the paint isn't blotchy, there's still something about it that doesn't work as well as the orange one. It's okay -- but I'd rather have a non-blotchy orange one.

'17 Nissan GT-R (R35)
2017 Mainline #364



We've been a bit lucky here -- clearly Toys'R'Us has been hoarding the Car Culture series and is dribbling them out now that Track Day has finally -- finally! -- started to run dry. I've seen Redliners and Air Cooled, and a couple weeks ago, three Track Day cars. I bought all three, two for me and one for a friend.

This is the casting I was after, the 962. This is one of the best rendering of this sports prototype racecar in 1/64 that I've seen, probably the best one I've personally owned.

Porsche 962
2017 Race Day #4


Personal Mini

This one is a bit personal for me -- my father owned a Mini and some of my earliest memories are of the dark green Mini at the back of our driveway. While the Hot Wheels models are nice, this is a simple rendering that captures the spirit of the car in the way that the Hot Wheels one doesn't.

Details like the half-window -- which tell you the model maker knew that this car had a sliding window instead of a winder -- show an intimacy with the source material.

'64 Austin Mini Cooper
2017 Matchbox Mainline #117


Sorta Zamac

So this one goes against much of my preferences -- american muscle, no hood, and almost a zamac finish, although this is more "silver" than "zamac" and it works a lot better. I like the black dot on the door as a decoration.

Custom '67 Pontiac Firebird
2017 Mainline #335
I do like the 3/4 rear view.


Red Is Best

So this is the third time we've seen one of these R.S. cars and this one is the best of the three so far. Maybe it's the Ferrari snobbishness in me, but I can't off hand think of a red car that doesn't look good. That might be a good subject for a study.

Renault Sport R.S. 01
2017 Mainline #365