What's Better Than A Ferrari?

Yesterday I threw down a gauntlet, saying that yesterday's 512M wasn't worthy of the Friday slot this week. That's a tall order. But here's how I back that up: 

Mazda RX-3
2016 Car Culture: Japanese Historics #5
(Uh. Someone messed with the white-balance. Normally this gives worse photos, but I guess today we work with what we have.)

I can't believe that I've had this car for in excess of a year and have not shown it yet. It is, without a doubt, a highlight of 2016 -- and frankly, of my collection overall. (This opens up the can of worms which is "What are your favorite cars, Dave?" and I don't have either an answer for that or a way to present it. But that's for later.) I love the purple on this car, the deep front air dam, the way the car captures the "stubby-long" look that these kinds of cars embodied in the '70s and '80s. Fat fenders over real riders complete the look.

This car is definitely top ten of my collection -- and I am disappointed that there have not been more of this casting since. And yeah, it's better than -- I'm going to say -- any of my Ferrari cars. Yeah, I went there.