Misleading Card Art

Another Best Of Matchbox Series 2, this one the BMW M5 Police. The card art on the box gives the car more of the proportions of the X5 instead of the M5, but set that aside and the car is pretty good.

The tampoing looks a little rougher than we'd otherwise expect on a premium model, and there is something about the casting which doesn't quite look right. It may be disappointment since this was one of the cars from this series that I definitely wanted, I'm just left thinking that something is just a little off.
BMW M5 Police
Best Of Matchbox Series 2


Another Mini Pickup

Here's another mini pickup from Japan's history. I like these trucks because they are small and affordable. This is aparrently done up in the livery of a reasonably famous Australian circuit racer -- what's interesting about this to me is the fact that the tampos are different on the left and right sides. I also like the white-on-grey coloring, and the blue rims set the blue in the tampos off nicely.

And it rolls really well.

Mazda Repu
2017 Mainline #286
I do wonder a bit about the origins of the truck -- in North America, the B2000 and B2200 mini pickups that Mazda made were thinly badged versions of the Ford Ranger. This doesn't quite look like a Ranger to me, though.



So back two weeks ago I showed you the perfect Camaro. How does the 2017 interpretation of the same car measure up?

We actually saw this car before in the Camaro Fifty collection back in... February?... where it was a surprisingly good model, although confusingly it was identified as a '81 Camaro. But we were not comparing it to perfection.

'81 Camaro
2017 Mainline #365
The model is decently designed, perhape except for the power dome on the hood. There are good details on the nose and tail, and open windows gives us the opportunity for an interior.

Fenders are kept discreet, so the larger rear wheels look like they belong on the car. Tampoing is not too crazy, and is set off against the chosen color. All in all, it is still a fine model.

However, my vote still goes to the yellow one from earlier. Even though there's less in the way of details, the yellow one better captures the spirit of both the real car that is modeled, as well as the toy in your hand. This one is worthy of a spot on the wall, but I think we all know that spot is only temporary, while the yellow one will stick around much longer.


T2 Recolor

Here's the recolor of the Volkswagen T2 Pickup that we saw recently. It is actually a bit subtle, it took me some convincing that it was actually different from the olive colored one. Personally I think the white body and the blue wheels make this one nicer to look at, although I'm not a big fan of the casting.

Volkswagen T2 Pickup
2017 Mainline #365


Haul 'N' Asphalt

This was a Christmas present from my brother some years past -- I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that it was 2004 -- and has remained in the pile since then. He's a fan of these pickup truck things, and this was the closest thing he could find to the S10 that he was driving at the time.

This a model that I didn't particularly like until I put it up in the display rack. It fits in there really nicely and the profile works pretty well. The American flag deco is a bit over the top but that's what you get with something like this.

Steel Flame
2004 Auto Affinity Haul 'n' Asphalt #2


...and Contrast

Skylines are hot right now and just like Pokemon you gotta get them all. This is a silver offering from Matchbox. It is interesting to see the differences -- the Hot Wheels car from yesterday has a wider 'stance', but with this one there has been more care taken for it to be realistic. Understated tampos on the front and back complete the ensemble. Unfortunately the narrower track means the roll quality isn't as good, but from a collector's standpoint this is probably the superior model.

'71 Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX
2017 Matchbox #005



Here is 2017's execution of a Nissan Skyline GT-X. The model is really nice, although it could use some front and rear tampos. Not sure about the big star on the hood, but everything else works really well. Very nice.

Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X
2017 Mainline #283


Series 2 Continues to deliver

The Best Of Matchbox, sometimes called Best Of The World, Series 2, continues to deliver. This is a really nice baby Porsche. I like the wheels and chrome highlights, and the paint and tampos are done really nicely. All together a really nicely executed model.

Porsche 914/6
Best Of Matchbox Series 2


Grab Bag Misfire

Found this in the grab bag box and thought it was interesting; didn't realize it was broken until photo shoot time. Also a bunch of the wheels are wonky. Pity.
Thunder Roller
1996 Mainline #483


Got Your Lights

Yep, aparrently if you have a police truck,  you need lights. Lights on the bush bar, lights on the A-pillars, lights over the windshield, and of course the rotating cherries front and back of the roof.

That ridiculousness aside, I rather like this. It looked good on the pegs, and it looks even better in the hand.

Ford Explorer
2017 Matchbox Mainline #80

The wheel casting is interesting as compared to the Hot Wheels design -- where typical Hot Wheels whells have the truncated cone for their wheels (meaning the cars actually only ride on the inside edges of the wheels) this truck has a flat, treadless section in the middle to ride on. More opportunity to foul on surface debris, but more "realistic".