A Proper Hot Wheels Rig

So back in 1999, Hot Wheels did have a proper tractor trailer head -- the Semi-Fast. At the time I had a brief infatuation with european tractor trailer racing -- these were racing spec rigs which were strictly limited to 100 miles per hour, and raced on regular racing circuits. For me there was something hilarious about these big trucks racing around -- without trailers -- and I needed to have something to remind myself of that.

Enter the Semi-Fast.
Semi-Fast, alternate colors
1999 Mainline #914
For 1999 there were three variants, something that was as unheard of for a First Edition as it is today. Two of them were intentional -- the main First Edition, below, and the Alternate Colors, above.

Semi-Fast, First Edition
1999 Mainline #914
However, due to a manufacturing mistake, a third variant snuck through, the one below labelled as the common error. It was this third one that took me the most time to find, but all in all the hunt was not a particularly difficult one.
Semi-Fast, common error
1999 Mainline #914
So while the Matchbox from last week is perhaps a more "realistic" model, the Semi-Fast shows that Hot Wheels can make something fun and realistic at the same time.