Bonus Crappy Content: Backlit

'17 Ford GT
2017 Mainline # 211
This backlit photo actually turned out OK. I'm going to try more of these in the future.


Flames For Friday

This is a color variation of one of the first 2017 cars I got almost a year ago. The casting doesn't work 100% in white either; I'm not sure what it is lacking, but it is missing something or has something it shouldn't.
'77 Pontiac Firebird
2017 Mainline #132


New Bug

This is a reasonable model of a modern Volkswagen Beetle. Not much more to say about it than that, but it is interesting enough to feature as part of the 10-Pack dump. Also it is a multipack exclusive, so that makes it slightly more interesting.
2012 Volkswagen Beetle
2017 Multipack Exclusive


Weak Wednesday Truck

So we've had trucks for the last three Wednesday; but this is all  I have in queue that's a truck. Not really sure why I picked it up. Only reason I can think of is kinda convoluted. So you remember the Ice Cream Truck we featured a while ago? Well the kids have a variant of this which serves Pizza instead of Ice Cream. And this is a pizza truck too, so logical, right? I dunno.
Ford Transit Connect
2017 Mainline #143



So I was wrong when I was writing about the Matchbox A100 a few weeks ago -- I identified the Hot Wheels counterpart as the same type of car, and it isn't, it is a Volkswagen T2 Pickup instead. Same kind of vehicle, though, a van that's been cut down into a pickup; this one has been "lowered" to make it more of a lowrider boulevard cruiser than a worker.
Volkswagen T2 Pickup
2017 Mainline #201


Audacious Start To The Week

I was sure I'd just featured one of these, but I can't find it in the history, I guess it was a member of the 10-pack which I didn't feature as much from. This model grows on me the more I see it, even though it's not a licensed model. There's just something authentic about the styling, like it is a car you'd see on the street.
2017 Multipack Exclusive


Bonus Crappy Content: 10-Pack Junk

So in every 10-pack -- indeed, in every multipack -- there is a car, or cars, which just don't measure up as interesting in any way to me. And for this current 10-pack, these two are the lucky cars that fit that bill.
Avant Garde
2017 Multipack Exclusive
This Avant Garde reminds me of a Citroen of some kind; however said inspiration does nothing to inspire me. And the model is further let down with the odd yellow, the totally-plastic dome, and even the wheels don't do it for me. There's nothing here for me.

Grease Rod
2017 Multipack Exclusive
Meanwhile, this Grease Rod is even worse. I have no idea what the protuberances at the nose and along the side of the engine are about. And the black-on-grey-on-black color scheme isn't redeeming. The splashes of color -- the plastic on the base and the weird blue-on-white wheels also seem like afterthoughts. I'm sure that a lot of people spent a lot of time on this casting -- but to me it feels mailed in.

...and somehow, both of these are multipack exclusives.



This car right here is why I bought the 10-pack. I honestly thought it was a variation of the Porsche 993 GT2 we saw earlier, except with a blue stripe down the car's nose. But no, it is a car I've not had an example of before, and it is one of the better models. Personally I'd prefer something a little brighter as far as paint goes; but even as is it is a wonderful car.
Porsche 911 GT2
2017 Multipack Exclusive



Sometimes there are some real surprises in these 10-packs, and just like the first 10-pack I was taken unexpectedly by this. It reminds me of the old Le Mans type sportscars with the offset open cockpit and the wide, smooth fender lines. This one would probably look very cool in non-seethrough plastic and some discrete racing tampos.
2017 Mainline #200


A Proper Hot Wheels Rig

So back in 1999, Hot Wheels did have a proper tractor trailer head -- the Semi-Fast. At the time I had a brief infatuation with european tractor trailer racing -- these were racing spec rigs which were strictly limited to 100 miles per hour, and raced on regular racing circuits. For me there was something hilarious about these big trucks racing around -- without trailers -- and I needed to have something to remind myself of that.

Enter the Semi-Fast.
Semi-Fast, alternate colors
1999 Mainline #914
For 1999 there were three variants, something that was as unheard of for a First Edition as it is today. Two of them were intentional -- the main First Edition, below, and the Alternate Colors, above.

Semi-Fast, First Edition
1999 Mainline #914
However, due to a manufacturing mistake, a third variant snuck through, the one below labelled as the common error. It was this third one that took me the most time to find, but all in all the hunt was not a particularly difficult one.
Semi-Fast, common error
1999 Mainline #914
So while the Matchbox from last week is perhaps a more "realistic" model, the Semi-Fast shows that Hot Wheels can make something fun and realistic at the same time.


Exclusive Repeat

This is the second Exclusive Plymouth Barracuda I've received out of these multipack things.

'70 Plymouth Barracuda
2017 Multipack Exclusive

It's OK, but I'm not going to seek out more of this casting.


r/hotwheels August Car Show

r/hotwheels on Reddit wants to have an August Car Show. The premise is simple: throw up the photo of your favorite Hot Wheels car. But who can pick just one? How about one of the many that could be picked because they are special cars done in a special way -- for example, anything with Spectraflame? Or executions of a favorite model -- say the Subaru SRX STi? And I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite Ferrari 250 GTO (although lets be honest, the red one would probably win).

But no, I picked this one -- the Pikes Peak Celica from 2000. Not a segment series; not an exclusive; not a Pop Culture; not even a first edition. A mainline casting that makes up the numbers for the year.

Pikes Peak Celica
2000 Mainline #166
I picked this car because this is the car that started it all back in 2000, when I picked it up in a Canadian Tire during Christmas shopping. We were looking for something for Jenn's cousins, who were small children at the time, and something about this made me pick it up. And from there, all the hundreds of others have followed.

It is a little beat up since it has been in the collection the longest -- and, I'll be honest, I played with it too. But that's what they are there for, isn't it? To be opened, handled, played with, displayed, and enjoyed. Sure, there are an extremely low number of cars that I'd leave in the packaging, but if it came to that I'd probably pass on acquiring the car in the first place.

And then I discovered that the only photo I had of this car was a single 640x480 photo from 2001. Somehow, after all these years, this car had never been treated to a proper photo session. I hope we've rectified that oversight somewhat today.

After that, I made it my mission to collect as many of these cars as I could. My interest is such that for a long time the majority of the photos on the Hot Wheels Wikia page for the Pikes Peak Celica were from me. Even today, many of those photos are on the CollectHW page. And I'm close -- I know that I'm missing the Exclusive from the 2011 Team Hot Wheels Commemorative 20-pack; and once, I saw an eBay listing for a 2004 Mainline that had glossy paint instead of the flat paint that mine has. Not sure if that one actually exists or if it was a listing error or some kind of fraud. I even have one that appears to be some kind of engineering mule for the 2006 mainline car that was shipped to me from Malaysia. It may also be a fake; but I have it now, so I'm going to keep it.

So, happy August Car Show to my r/hotwheels friends, and happy collecting to all for now and the future.