Too Soon?

Normally I try to space out repeating a casting a bit, but today's is too interesting to pass up. It is, again, a Honda S2000. And what makes it interesting is that I bought it last week... in a circa 2014 3-Pack... and it doesn't seem to exist.

Honda S2000
2014 3-Pack Multipack Exclusive(?)

If you look it up on the Hot Wheels wikia, there is a S2000 that is part of a 2014 3-Pack, but it is described as being "metalflake orange" -- and in fact the paint does look far more definitively "orange" than what I have here. And it isn't a one-off -- amazingly the Centrum Walmart still has a bunch of these 3-Packs, some of which include this same car.

The wiki entry does include the white PR5 wheels that this one has. So is this a paint variation? an error? or maybe the car on the wiki is the variation? It is hard to say.

Anyways this was too good a variation to wait on, so here it is.