Manufacturing Defect II

The Pikes Peak Tacoma is a favorite casting of mine, but I seem to have bad luck with them. This is the second time I've got one that had a manufacturing defect meaning that it didn't roll nicely -- the car is dragging along on the rear plastic bump stops on the underside. This one is from the 2011 mainline, but the picture on the wiki site shows a car which is much, much redder than this one is.

Pikes Peak Tacoma
2011 Mainline #201

We're seeing this car here today because I finally sold on most of the mythical flea market box that had a ton (well, 85, we counted) of sealed mainlines that I wasn't keen on. There were three of these -- for some reason I kept buying them in 2011/2012 -- and I kept one, and it was still on the top of the pile, so here it is. It makes me wonder if the other two had the same problem. The new owner isn't one for opening cars, so we might never know for sure.

You can see the car's backwards rake showing the lack of axle lift in the rear. Too bad.