Bonus Crappy Content: The Rest Of The 3-Packs

So we've had three cars from a pair of 3-Packs featured here, I thought you might be interested to see what else they put in these. Well here's the missing half of the 3-Packs:

From left to right, I give you: El Superfasto (which is a ridiculous name for a terrible car, one that is suitable only for a Grab Bag booby prize); Drift King (which is a terrible from a design standpoint but has features that would make it go really well on the track); and Vulture (which is really the only redeeming car here).

If you are curious, I believe that El Superfasto and the Drift King both came with the S2000, while the Vulture was with the Ford Falcon Race Car and the Mercury Cyclone. Considering that the Vulture almost -- almost! -- rises to the level of attracting my collecting interest, I'd have to say that the second 3-pack was definitely the better of the two.