Title Bar

Well it's been almost two years, maybe we should look at the car in the blog titlebar, eh?

One of the types of cars I like is LeMans-style sports prototypes. And the best cars are always Ferraris, so combine the two and you have an amazing winner. 

Ferrari 333 SP
2004 Milestone Moments (Ferrari Hall Of Fame)
This car is from the 2004 Milestone Moments series, a premium series where the car came in a nice box and had a souvenir card that described this particular one. Since it is 2004, I've lost the card -- or at least I can't put my hands to it immediately -- so I can't tell you what is on it. But this seems to be one of those series that had only a brief run and then drowned back into obscurity, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of information on it.

This picture was picked because it was a nice photo of a nice car that survived being cropped down to make it fit the title bar. It may be time to update the title bar photo, but we'll leave well enough alone for now.