Ride The Sci Fi Highway

So for reasons I don't really understand I like the Fandango casting. I've been working on collecting all of them, and it is actually more difficult than I originally expected because of the nature of the casting. A casting with a large blank area becomes a canvas for graphics, meaning that the car can be used as a character car or fit into pretty much any theme you care to imagine. This means you end up with a whole whack of these cars which are not produced in huge volumes and can have restricted availability by retailer or geographically. And since the themes are frequently throw-away themes, they don't end up being popular, so the cars get distributed and generally forgotten.

Which is a long trip that brings us to the Sci Fi Highway 5-Pack.

2006 Sci-Fi Highway 5-Pack Exclusive
I saw this car exactly once when visiting a Costco at Christmas 2006. It was part of the aforementioned Sci-Fi Highway 5-Pack, which itself was bundled into a box of five 5-Packs. So 25 cars total, for around $25. And at the time I thought well I'll certainly see this 5-Pack in Walmart, so there's absolutely no pressure to pay $25 for one car, right?

Right. I didn't get back to Costco that season, and this 5-Pack didn't make general circulation in Ottawa for whatever reason, so I never saw it again. Which means we had to go off to the secondary market: eBay. And this year, one finally came up. Fair condition (but who's picky?) and available for purchase. So I paid for it. Guess how much it cost?

Right. About $25.

...and who knows, maybe there would have been other things in that collection of 24 other cars that turned into something interesting.

The moral of the story is: if you see something you want, buy it when you see it, because if you don't, you'll pay at least that much later -- for something that is probably in less than new condition -- if it ever comes up.