Le Mans Mystery

So backing up a bit to the Le Mans theme from last week, here's something I got just yesterday. I decided that since I was getting back into race cars I should get back into race cars properly and looked around to see what was available, now. And I discovered that this 24 Ours car was one of the Mystery Models that are currently on the shelves. So, off I went.
24 Ours
2017 Mystery Models
And it turns out that figuring out what cars are in the Mystery Models baggies is much, much easier than what Lego makes you go through. Not only are the cars distinctively shaped, but the white plastic part of the baggie is just ever-so-slightly transparent, which means you can see the nose, or the back of the car that is inside. Even with this advantage, I found this one in the third baggie I picked up.

The casting is an ever-so-subtle homage to the Puegeot 908 Le Mans race car from 2011. Powered by a diesel motor, it raced against the mighty Audis of the same era, running with them and beating them on occasion.