Bat City

This is a custom Fandango that I bought on eBay about 15 or more years ago. It is a 2001 Mainline (First Editions) which has had the tampos removed and this new stenciling applied. It really is well done. At the time I'm sure the eBay listing explained what "Bat City" was, but as of today the Googles are silent on this matter. I'm sure eventually someone who is nostalgically Googling this club will encounter this page; maybe they'd be so kind as to let us know some of the information and history of the club.

Bat City Fandango
Bat City Hot Wheels Collectors Club Car

The Fandango is a super base for projects like this -- large amounts of relatively smooth surface upon which to put your decorations. I have at least one other custom based on a Fandango around here somewhere, although it is not nearly as well executed. I also have a Fandango of this type which has been stripped down to the zamac and was sold on eBay as a "Zamac" car. I think this was before Mattel was doing it, so it can't really be counted as a forgery, it is more a custom.