So today's offering represents a science experiment that I wanted to do -- I wanted to see how much of a difference FTE wheels made to a car's track value. In 2005 this was made easy, since the exact same car was released with FTE wheels and with the more standard 5SP wheels.

Off Track
2005 Mainline #159
I did some basic experiments in which the FTE wheels would clearly go much further every time, however quantifying it is difficult since there is so much variation in wheel running quality. As a comparison, I also own a black 2004 Off Track which also has the 5SP wheels -- and in running back to back tests with these two cars, the 2004 car was closer to the FTE car than it was to the 2005 5SP car. Clearly roll quality is a crap shoot.

Off Track
5SP Wheels
Personally I think the 5SP car looks better.

Off Track
FTE Wheels

You can see that there's an engine molded into the inside insert.

Pretty nice all around.