So normally I don't do this -- buy a car that is nominally still part of the current model year while there is still a chance I'll find one on the pegs -- but if we're being honest, I'm not going to find this one because it is a Treasure Hunt. And Treasure Hunts are not likely to get any cheaper over the long run, in fact if they become trendy for some reason the only direction the price is going to go is up.

So, off to eBay.

This seller had one for a reasonable price. Shipping was on the expensive side, so after some back and forth I threw some more cars in and made a bundle; we completed the deal and the cars arrived unbelievably quickly. So for US$60 I ended up with a bunch of cars I wasn't likely to find elsewhere.

We start, therefore, with the reason for the bundle: the 2017 Fandango Treasure Hunt.

2015 Mainline - Treasure Hunt
The Fandango is a casting I am collecting, so buying this was a no-brainer once I found an affordable deal. I am very pleased to be able to put this car up on my wall, and we'll have to find somewhere with the more permanent collection for it to live.

I did buy a whack of Plano cases (well, a half-dozen, which is a small whack?...) so there will be some reorganization coming in the future once I figure out what I want to do. Right now the Fandangos live in the old black Mattel Hot Wheels display cases, and while there isn't room for this one (or the previous one I got recently) I'm not decided on which cars to remove in order to add these new ones.

And maybe the best news? While doing the research on this car, I discovered that there is going to be a red non-treasure-hunt version released! More Fandango is never a bad thing.