Stripper Focus

...I did mention I had more than one of these, right? Right.

So this year at least some of the Zamac series made it to Ottawa. This is the first one I'll present; I have two more waiting for a more suitable time. The cars arrived in February or March, and such was the state of disorganization at some Walmarts that the mainline pegs were populated exclusively by the three Zamac models from the case.
Ford Focus RS
2017 Zamac #002
The Zamac series exists outside of the mainline and so has a different series number. This one is wearing the tampos from the white car, and shares the same red-rimmed wheels from the other two 2017 releases.

Zamac is something that always looks better in photos than it does in the hand. In photos it looks like this sparkly silver finish that has depth and reflections. In real life, it looks like abused aluminum. I didn't like the Subaru Brat in Zamac for the same reason. This one is somewhat better -- but only somewhat. Lots of people will pursue it because it is different; me, I don't see what the attraction is.