Chin Up, Part 2

Echoing yesterday's Porsche, this '94 Toyota Supra from the Fast&Furious series also has a deep, track-unfriendly chin spoiler. On the other hand, it handily shows more how the plain white car should be executed. It
'94 Toyota Supra
2017 Fast&Furious #7
Perhaps the Porsche was too busy -- here the white looks clean and purposeful, a statement on its own, instead of a blank slate waiting to be written on. I can't really tell you why this one works and the Porsche didn't. Maybe it's the extra splash of contrast in the LW wheels. It also has details on the back which help break up the potential monotone of color.

I passed on this the first time I saw it, but regretted it. I am very glad that the Fast&Furious line became a bit of a peg warmer and I got another chance.