Yellow Rocket

Wow, with the exception of some complaining about (c) markings, this week has been a good one. We end with a rendering of the legendary Acura NSX. I like the black-on-yellow markings here, although the canopy details leave something to be desired.
'90 Acura NSX
2017 Mainline #004
...there's also paint damage on the passenger side of this particular car. No matter, it still looks great.

Nice details on the rear finish up this edition of this casting. The Hot Wheels designers are getting clever about how they extend their three or four parts to create contrast detail -- this one has the grey interior extended to make the exhaust pipes. The pinnacle example of this so far is the Ford Escort RS 1600, which has the front glass extended to make the "rally lights" and the chrome interior extended to make the bumpers.