Redline Fake-Out

So this one is a Redline premium series car -- not to be confused with a Redliner or a classic Redline car. There's not much out there on this series, but extrapolating from the copyright date I'd say it was a late-2015 or early-2016 premium model. And I can't remember where in the states I found it. Since we don't have Target or KMart in Canada, it could quite easilly be either of those.

I'll be honest here, I confused this car with the '70 Cheville SS Wagon, which I do like. This GTO isn't really quite my speed, for reasons which I can't explain.

Custom '66 GTO Wagon
Redlines #16
This particular model has been more or less exclusively used in premium model lines, probably because of the amount of material required to make it. It is a heavy car that probably won't yield much play value and is therefore best kept for collectors.

Finish and paint are nice, although because of the narrow axles it doesn't sit squarely or roll nicely. It is hard to see, but the base latch extruding through the back has "GTO" embossed on it. One other interesting feature is the dog looking out of the rear.