Culture Cooler

So on my March Break, the family and I drove down from Ottawa to Atlanta. And of course this was an opportunity to see all kinds of new WalMarts and Targets and KMarts and to see what kind of Hot Wheels were available in other parts of the world.

Here in Ottawa we've seen very little of the Car Culture series since the Track Day series. It is almost like the Japan Historics were a huge hit, the Euro Style were a moderate hit, so everyone went nuts ordering Track Day... and now the Track Day cars are still sticking around. It's almost like the sales of the Euro Style were more momentum from the Japan Historics than any particular desire for the cars themselves. 

This is what I was afraid of, retailers over-ordering a mediocre line and then getting stuck with peg warmers, while other lines pass them by. As a result, I've personally seen one or two individual Redliners in Ottawa, and never seen an Air Cooled series member in Ottawa.

So in the States, things are obviously different because both the Redliners and Air Cooled series have hit and are generally available. And so I managed to pick up the few members of each that actually appealed to me.

We start off with the Air Cooled Porsche 356A Outlaw.

Porsche 356A Outlaw
Car Culture -- Air Cooled #3
This is the only Air Cooled member that even marginally appeals to me, and now that I have it I am not impressed. I don't like the way the rear of the car is tucked in to make the whole thing narrow. The paint, fit, and finish are all top-notch like you'd expect from a Premium Hot Wheels line. But from where I sit, it just doesn't do much for me.
So far I have not collected to completion any of the Car Culture series. I have 2 Japanese Historics, 3 Track Day, 3 Euro Style, 1 Air Cooled, and 2 Redliners. And even in the cars I have, there is a fair bit of "meh".

Clearly the Japan Historics set the bar impossibly high for the Car Culture series, and either the retailers are over-ordering batches of the follow-on series... or the series are just not as desirable as the first one was.