Lets Open Some Blister Packs, Part IV

So yeah, Friday was technically a blister pack even if it wasn't a very old one. Today we have something a little more esoteric, the Tyrrell P4. The Flying Customs seems to have been an attempt to capture the nostalgia of past times by using new castings of classic, or classic-style, cars.

Tyrrell P4
2013 Flying Customs

The P4 design hails from the 1976 Formula 1 World Championship, where the theory was that having four small wheels would give you the benefits of a larger contact patch as well as a lower profile aerodynamically. And in 1976 it worked wonderfully well. In 1977, the idea was let down by insufficient tyre development, and it was ultimately abandoned. Subsequently to 1977, the rules for F1 defined a "car" as having only four wheels, making further exploration of this idea impossible.

This casting was new for 2010 under the name Tyrrell P4 Six Wheeler, and I have both First Editions of this car around somewhere. There was also a Treasure Hunt in 2012 which of course I never saw. Other than that, this casting hasn't been used. As far as play value goes, the casting suffers from the small front wheels tending to wobble somewhat on their axles, probably due to their lesser width, so I could see this being more of a fringe collector's item rather than a child's favored toy.