Let's Open Some Blister Packs, Part II

Today we have a car that I've been waiting for for a long time: the Mercedes CLK-LM from the 1999 First Editions series. This is one of those great Le Mans style sports-prototype racers that are not done in quite the same way any more. I have three other Mercedes CLK-LMs, which I think means I have a complete set -- and I do indeed have all four listed on CollectHW -- but really, this is the type of car I'd like to see more of, and I'd like to see more Le Mans sports prototypes in general.

Mercedes CLK-LM
1999, Collector #926

When I first got into this hobby in 2001, there were still some 1999/2000 series cars floating around here and there and I believe I actually saw one of these on the pegs before I decided I wanted it; since then all I saw were the other recolor releases. When the opportunity to get some half-price goodness at KMJ came up, it was the perfect opportunity to get something I've wanted for a while.

Some of these photos worked out really well. I was experimenting a bit with the lighting, and it seems to have emphasized the gold lace wheels in a way I've not see before. Really pleased with this car.

It's hard to see here, but the rear spoiler is, in fact, crooked.