Be A Spoiler Sport

Here we have something pretty cool -- a Spoiler Sport re-issue from 2011. Spoiler Sports were always pretty popular with the kids, so having this brings back a lot of memories from when I was small. Of course the holy grail of Spoiler Sports is the one from the Golden Machines six-pack. I saw a Golden Machines six-pack on eBay about ten years ago and it went for around $80 at the time, which now I think is laughable. I should have bought it because I'll probably never see one again.

Spoiler Sport
2011 The Hot Ones

For whatever reason (ie the monkey holding the camera is an idiot) this model didn't photograph well and I was disappointed with practically all the photos that I took. These photos represent the best of the ones I took.

Update: Holy crap, there was one back on February 6th:

Unfortunately, for $200 I have to pass. But wow, that's unbelievable that its available at all.

While skimming through eBay I did see some examples that were less than total disasters, so it might be possible to get one for a reasonable price for the collection anyways. Also, I totally missed the Darth Vader and Marvin The Martian examples of this casting because usually I just ignore those kinds of thing. I really have to pay closer attention to them.