Art Billboard

Somewhat further along the "weird" axis of "stuff that Dave likes so you'll just have to deal with" is vans. I like vans. Don't know why. Never owned one, never wanted to. But I like them as toys, so here we are. Today we have a purple one.
Custom '77 Dodge Van
2016 Mainline
One of the reason I don't buy a lot of vans even though I like them is that the big metal sides makes them attractive for wilder tampo jobs, many of which don't interest me in the slightest -- I don't need a van with Spongebob Squarepants plastered all over it. This one is a 2016 Art Car, and normally I wouldn't buy it, but it appealed to me when I saw it in the Dollar store, so here we are.

Continuing my trend of 2017, I'll briefly complain here about the tampo quality being somewhat somewhat lacking, especially on the driver's side where it was up against the cardboard of the blister pack.