Red Skyline

Skylines are fun for the same reason that Buick Grand Nationals are fun -- they don't look like the stereotypical supercar. The aformentioned Grand National gets there by virtue of a huge amount of horsepower, enough so that it was faster 0-60 than the Corvettes of its day; the Skyline has always been a technology showcase, the combination of which puts it among the best in the world. AWD with a rear-bias -- so the car will slide if you ask it. Turbo engine. Later models came with all the traction control and other go-fast computers you could ask for.

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
2015 Mainline #083
This particular shade of red always looks good to me. In fact I've considered maybe running a contest to try to find the ugliest Hot Wheels licensed car in this shade of red.

Nice detail on the rear of the car too. The all-metal spoiler part of the casting ends up looking too thick, but it is something we can live with.