This one I've had my eye on since I first saw it. This is a Gran Turismo series -- not to be confused with the Retro Entertainment series of the same name -- that saw limited availability. The HotWheels wikia says:
In the United States the series was a "Hobby Exclusive", meaning none of the big box retail stores were able to order them.
...which pretty much guarantees that Canada will never see them. Oh well, off to the secondary market we go!

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)
2016 Gran Turismo #1/8
Like the R34 from last week, this has the winner shade of red. It also has the rear detailing that we saw on the Night Burnerz car, and it shares the updated base identifying it as the R32 (as does the official packaging). It does not have a metal wing, though - so this might be some kind of transitional casting between the old Skyline and the new R32.

All around this car just looks so nice.