Not A Super

Today we have a rendering of the M version of BMW's Z4 coupe. Mattel did a Super Treasure Hunt of this car, but I don't have one. I've seen a grand total of one Treasure Hunt car in the wild -- ever -- and never seen a Super. And there have been Supers that I would have liked, lots of them, but when they get to the resale market the price just isn't something I can justify. But enough about cars I don't have.

2016 Mainline #188
Like the BMW Series car we looked at last time, this car is exceptionally well done. The blue paint is another winner, and the tampos and other details are well executed on this car.

The car even has an "interior" of sorts that is well detailed. If I had to quibble I'd say that I don't like the rear diffuser; its orientation isn't realistic, and combine that with the long front splitter and the casting is downright hostile to orange track. But this isn't really a play car, it is a display car, so like I said -- a quibble.