On Display: October 2016

So as you can see, there have been some changes to the cars on display on the desk shelf:

If you compare it to last time, you'll see there have been a whole lot of adds with only a couple of removes.



  • Mainline Batmobile
  • grey Ferrari 575 GTC
  • 'Tooned Mitsubishi Pajero
...and I think that's it.  The shelf is getting more crowded even with the demotions so I'll have to consider carefully any more additions.


Finally, A Hit:

So after seemingly ages and ages going back and forth to Dollarama, Walmart, and Toys-R-Us, the latter finally paid off:

The rather sad looking dump bin at the front door has been gone for quite a while, but today it was back. Unfortunately all it had was the same battered, abused, and picked-over stuff that it had the last time it was out. Most of the cards were in very sad shape, and the selection was terrible.

Inside, though, the mini-side display had been refreshed, and I picked these three cars off of it. It is totally a coincidence that all three of these are white.

The BMW is one I'm not sure about, whether or not I'll look at this car in the future and go "meh". I've been trying to reduce my buying to cars that won't let me go "meh", and this one may or may not cut it. This particular one has a bent front axle so the roll quality is terrible -- the driver's front wheel fouls on the fender.

The Ford RS1600 I've been looking for since I first saw the pictures of it. I think that the red one will look better in person, but this white one is a pretty high bar to top, and it is easily my favorite of this particular batch of three.

The 1985 Honda CR-X is more of a "completionist" buy, as a contrast to the Cool Classics rendering of the same car (although with a different name for the casting -- '85 Civic CR-X). Whereas that one had a two-piece body to make the two-tone color scheme work, this one has a single piece for the body. Somehow it manages to feel lighter in the hand than it looks like it should by eye.

So a successful day after a long dry spell.

I've also been going through the history of Hot Wheels and tagging a "wants" list, something which is interesting to do but frustrating because A) HobbyDB's interface still seems to get in my way and B) CollectHW's listings are incomplete.


Majorette Contender

So, what's new? Majorette are now available at Walmart, that's what's new. And I decided that I should have a look at at least one Majorette car and compare it to a Hot Wheels car to see where Majorette stood in comparison. So off to the store I went, and I selected a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, since I just happened to have a Hot Wheels of the same alleged make. And just to compare $4 Majorette apples to $4 Hot Wheels apples, I even had a Car Culture Euro Style model so that we can really compare value for value.

Unfortunately, I picked a bad color:

..yes, either the black gets turned to mud, or the white car gets washed out. However, I think we can muddle through.
As far as the model goes, I think the Majorette is the more faithfully rendered one. The car is a little taller across all cross-sections, and to my eye looks more realistic than the Hot Wheels car does. The detail is nice, it is hard to see but the Majorette car does have black-on-black paint which really does look nice in the hand. By way of comparison, the Hot Wheels car feels heavier, like there is more stuff in it, and it has the benefit of the Real Rider tires to the Majorette car's hard plastic wheels.

Overall, I'd say the Majorette car is the better model, even though the construction is more of a "toy". Whereas the Hot Wheels is built to be a more robust toy, even though said play value is diminished through the "model" features like premium finish and Real Rider wheels.

As far as value goes, the Hot Wheels car is pretty good value for what you get when comparing it to the mainline. The car isn't really meant to be played with and has nice features that enhance the look and feel. For the Majorette car, though, comparing the $4 car with the $4 premium Hot Wheels makes the Majorette car feel a little under-done due to the lack of Real Rider tires and a lack of heft to to the car. However if you compare it to the $1 Hot Wheels mainlines -- which maybe are more reasonably considered the target market -- it feels expensive without corresponding value.

I'll still buy more in the future if the model, rendering, and decoration appeals to me, but over all I think this particular car's price makes it a disappointment.