Well this one was odd, I spent ten minutes trying to figure out which MS-T Suzuka this car was. And of course it isn't one at all! Just goes to show that you should really read the underside of the car before going haring off to the internet...
2001 Mainline #119
Clearly some attempt to bring Japanese-style midnight-run flavor to the HotWheels line, this car has outrageous stamped all over it in capital letters. Faux carbon-fiber hood, decorative air inlet, an admittedly attractive deep rear fender crease -- don't ask me why, but it works -- industrial-strength fake ground effects, all topped off with a spoiler better suited to holding a coffee tray than the race track.
I find it a little ironic that this Japanese-inspired toy was actually made in China.


Batman LIVE Batmobile

Well, he says, we haven't opened a Batmobile in some time, why not open a crappy one? So I did.
Batman Live Batmobile
2014 75 Years of Batman #1
I understand from the wiki that there was a live stage show for Batman at some point which included a prop car dressed like this. And frankly that explains the boring lines -- this is something that was fabricated for the show.  As a result you can see how the design lends itself to being light, easy to make, and has lots of places for the cast members to stand around it to push it around the stage. It even has skinny wheels which add to the suggestion that it is merely a prop. Because this one is a semi-premium car, it is well finished with metalflake-black and the chrome-rimmed wheels. So it is a decently made model of a not very interesting car.


Fun In The Sun

...or at least I hope it is sunny -- I'm writing this back in June when it is raining.  Anyways, the next 458 we present is the yellow convertible, or, as Ferrari calls it, the Spider.

458 Spider
2012 Mainline #025

Unlike some of the Ferrari models we've looked at, this one doesn't sweat the details too much. There's a little blur on the rear fender where the Pinafarina signature is supposed to be.  It does have the nose and front-fender badges, which is good. Nice wheels on this one too.

This casting was released in later years as the Ferrari 458 Spider, so I've tagged this as both.


Champagne Sneaker

Vipers were always supposed to be big and loud and over the top. Personally they didn't do much for me because by the time they came out I was more interested in cars that could turn than I was in dragsters.
Dodge Viper GTS-R
2002 Mainline #174
This isn't a very good rendering of the car, the hoodline is too high or the roofline is too low, and both problems are augmented by the ridiculously high rear deck spoiler.


British Elegance

There was something elegant about the Aston lines before Ford took them and shoved the Aston-esque nose on all of their cars. Even though there is bulk to this car, it still manages to look simple and elegant. The rear end tightens in a bit more than I'd like, and I'm not a huge fan of those little wedge spoilers -- even though those are probably more effective than the showy wings that less refined manufacturers put on their cars.

Aston Martin DBS
2015 Mainline #250
This is a good shade of red, I like it. And the model gives zero concerns for the needs of the track, the nose splitter is down low where it should be.


Instant Winner

You know, there are nice models and then there are really nice models. This is one of the latter, and I'm so pleased with it that I'm going to leave the pictures at the larger size. We looked at the yellow one before when I was showing some of the cars from my desk at work. That was a mighty model, but this one is even better. Let's just start with the front 3/4 view. As fine as this car looks in yellow, this red just suits that car even more. We also see the detail in the headlight tamp, and the mandatory Ferrari badge on the nose.

Ferrari F12berlinetta
2013 Mainline #174

Looking at the rear gate, we can see the paint has been done to great effect -- I don't know if this was deliberate care or if this casting -- or this individual toy! -- received an unusual level of attention and precision. Whatever the cause, the paint is fantastic, as is the Ferrari logo detailed on the rear lift.

And we can't discuss good looks without looking at the car's profile.

But it is in the close-up detail of the side that the attention has been shown. Another Ferrari badge. A highly-rendered Pinafarina signature mark. And the red dot indicates the fender-mounted turn signal that is on the original, matched by the grey dot for the key hole under the door handle.

This car is an instant favorite. I'm looking up over my desk to see if there's room -- and there isn't, presently -- so I have to decide if it is worthy, and if so, what of the over-desk toys is less worthy.


Grab Bag Fire Truck

Yep, Grab Bag time again, and this time we pull a slightly worn Old Number 5. According to the CollectHW page, the interior colors and wheel types mean this is one that dates back to 1981 or 1982, in which case it is in pretty exceptional shape.

Old Number 5
1981/82 Mainline 
I was thinking that this was one I bought in the early '00s when I was less discriminating, but clearly not according to the reference site. This must be one that came from the flea market vendor. In any case, if I did have a newer one, the kids have probably scooped it up for their bin. (One day we should take a few random dips from their bin, just to see what's in there.)

Overall though I'm not a fan of ye olde style cars, so this one doesn't do anything for me.


Mastretta Monday

This is one car that doesn't photograph as well as it really looks. The lines for some reason look better in real life, and the camera doesn't capture that -- instead it looks like an awkward stereotype of a supercar -- tiny windows, slightly sloped wings alongside a flat rear deck, complicated rear diffusers, and a gigantic rear wing.

Mastretta MXR
2015 Mainline #151
I don't like the photos of this car, but the actual toy is quite nice. It even has a slight raised nose to make it track-friendly, but because the nose is so short it doesn't look wrong.


Wild Subtlty

The Ferrari F430 Challenge again, this time in yellow. I like how the white-on-yellow tampoing makes the pinstriping look subtle, even on such a wild paint color.
Ferrari F430 Challenge
2010 Mainline #154


Not So Fast

Back when Faster Than Ever wheels were a new thing, they were added to castings without any special fanfare. This Pikes Peak Tacoma was released both with FTE wheels and without.

Pikes Peak Tacoma
2005 Mainline #137
I am a definite fan of this casting. There are a ton of variations to collect, and the detail on the model is well done as well. I love this particular car's finish even though a manufacturing flaw means the rear wheels foul on the fenders -- totally eliminating any advantage that FTE wheels would grant.

I have a bunch of these, and I like them, so we'll be seeing more of them in the future.


First Of Many

This casting is probably one of the more plentiful Ferraris from the last few years -- it seems to me like I always have a metric ton of them. Some are gaudy, some are boring, some are interesting, and some just... are. This silver Ferrari 458 is blessed with the Faster Than Ever wheels, something which I keep meaning to do some kind of half-assed study about.

Ferrari 458 Italia
2011 Mainline # 006
I'm sort of torn on this one, because the quasi-flaked silver paint hides a lot of the details in the casting. At the same time, the result is something that is eye-catchingly different, even if it is in a pedestrian way. Like I said, conflicted.

The CollectHW site lists nine of these castings, and that sort of lines up with what I think I have, so this is the first of many #FerrariFriday posts to feature this car. (I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet, we'll have to see how the rest of the cars come out.)