Batmobile Comparison

TV Series Batmobile
2015 Batman series

1966 TV Series Batmobile
Mainline 2007-015

I got some requests when I posted the find of the Batman series Batmobile to post some more pictures. It occurred to me that I can do better than that as I have an old mainline Batmobile at hand -- close at hand, as this is one of the favorite cars that sit over my desk at home.

As you can see, the Batman series car is pretty much the same casting -- the only difference I could spot was some identifying stamping on the base of the newer car. The differences are mostly cosmetic -- flat paint instead of gloss, clear windshields instead of blue, and extra paint detail on the nose and rear deck. Clearly there has been some extra attention paid to this new premium offering.

I do like the extra detail on the new car. However I prefer the gloss paint and blue windshields, so even though this new car is a good addition to the collection, the older mainline car remains the one on my limited over-desk space.


F1 For The Street

Ferrari F50 Challenge
Mainline 2007

Ferrari F50 Challenge
Mainline 2001-238

Ferrari F50 Challenge
2005 Ferrari 5-Pack

#FerrariFriday: The F50 had all the makings to be a great car. It is probably the "most" mass produced (for Ferrari values of "mass) street car that has an engine block and transmission directly descended from F1 hardware. But for some reason it isn't as popular as less advanced hardware like the F40.

There's something a bit off about this casting, something I can't quite put my finger on. It has some nice features, the way the interior piece is nicely detailed and is extended out the back of the car echoing the styling cues on the real thing. It feels too flat or something, even though that's how Ferraris really are. It is also got a lot of weight saving, so it isn't very heavy, which means it isn't especially fast on the track.


Classic Casting

This is a casting that I remember from when I was a kid. I don't know which year the red one is from as there does not appear to be any distinguishing marks on them, and I'm not sure if this is the actual car I had as a child -- frankly I doubt it, it probably came from eBay or a garage-sale find. The green one came from 2001, and Wikipedia says this casting was Final Run'd in 2002. This is a another toy that has a nice metal base, solid construction, and simple lines that make it nice to look at and a robust toy that performs well on the track.


Tampo Defect

Well error is a strong word in this case. When I first saw this car it was on the long card that you see has the poor tampo application. I noticed at the time that the ten-packs that were in the same store had tampos which were really well applied. Since there was only one long card at the store, and I wasn't going to pay $17 for nine cars I didn't want, I shrugged and picked up the poor tampo example, figuring that sometimes the tampoing process doesn't go perfectly.  A week later I was rummaging around in a dump bin at another store and I came across the short card shown above and grabbed that. What is interesting is that at the same time I found three more long cards with similar failed tampoing. This is interesting because it suggests that this is more of a manufacturing defect than a one-off failure, maybe the ink in the tampo machine was running low or the sponges were dirty or something. Of course nobody is going to lose sleep over this because they are $1 toys, and they are far too common to be considered "errors", but they are different and that's interesting to me.


Ferrari Finale 2015: Part 2

Ferrari 599 GTB
Mainline 2015-021

Unlike the other Last Ferrari we've looked at, the 599 GTB was quite rare on the pegs here in Ottawa. I think I only ever saw two or three, and that's including the one pictured here. The 599 GTB doesn't have the attention to detail that is featured on the 599XX, but it is still a pretty nice, simple casting. The yellow isn't the electric banana yellow that the F12 wears, but it still photos well and and is a nice toy to have in your hands.

(Ferrari Fridays are starting to be a thing around here, maybe it should be an expected thing.)



Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
Mainline 2001-214
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
Mainline 2003-128

This casting is an example of how to do a toy right. The casting isn't too hung up on the details of the car being modeled, but it captures the spirit of the car and packages it in a toy that is fun to look at and is suitable for robust playing. I suspect that down the road there will be disproportionately more people who look at these castings fondly.

(I have a couple more of these castings somewhere, but I picked these two because I thought they were color variations from the same year; I didn't realize they were from two different years until I went to look them up for this posting.)


Chin Up

Corvette C7.R
Mainline 2015-155

Of course we can't talk about 2015 without talking about the disappointment that is the Corvette C7.R. On its own it looks funny, but not terrible. You don't really realize how bad it is until you compare it to the Corvette C6.R which is a great casting in its own right. It is pretty obvious that Mattel wants the popular cars of today to be the toys that kids play with, and that means bowing to the needs of the loop. Thus, the very odd looking chin spoiler arrangement. It is a shame because this was an opportunity to bring another racing Corvette up to date. Somehow I don't think we'll see a premium C7.R model offering based on this casting.



Something different for today: so Mattel lost the die-cast license to Burago, and this appears to be one of their first offerings. This is a 1/43 Ferrari SF15-T, the 2015 Formula 1 car raced by Ferrari. At only CDN$8 it is reasonably priced, and pretty well detailed for a car of this scale and cost. There are some modelling problems, specifically the way the front wing is attached to the nose of the car and the fact that the wheels are fixed left-to-right and don't spin independently. However overall if we can get more models of F1 machinery at this scale and cost, losing the Hot Wheels cars won't sting quite so much.


Saleen S7


This is a favorite casting, even though it is clearly two castings that share the same name. Both cars are identified as "Saleen S7", but the one with the rear wing and cockpit air vent more closely resembles the Saleen S7R which raced in LM-GT. Of the two castings I only have the one S7R, while I have a couple of the older casting kicking around somewhere.



Alex asked to go through Walmart on Sunday, and even though I'd been in there recently I decided it would be OK to go again. To my surprise, there were actually some interesting cars available. Unfortunately these were the last four available, but I scooped them up anyways. We'll open them soon and have a look at each of them.