Yee Haw

Never thought I'd see one of these in the wild, although I guess they are popular enough that they'll still get cranked out periodically.

It is nicely done. Excellent paint details, the... stuff... on the hood. The white wall tires work perfectly here in a way that the high-profile real-riders don't on yesterday's car. Solid construction. Beautiful.

Back To The Future - 1955
2017 Pop Culture


Time Machine

This is one I have been sitting on for about a year. I found it tucked in behind a bunch of peg warmers like the Ferris Bueller Ferrari and the Smokey And The Bandit whatever it was. So -- yoink!

Anyways, something special happened, so I thought I'd open it. And I'm glad I did.

Back To The Future Time Machine
2016 Retro Entertainment
Metal on metal, it has nice heft. Lots of decent details painted on. The true weird profile that the Delorean cuts when you look at it from a low position.

Even has the Outatime license plate.

The only thing that might not quite work is the real rider tires. They end up looking a bit like the oldie-style bias ply high profile and that doesn't quite work on this sporty car.
But overall, this is a winner and I'm glad to have it.


Special Order

I knew I had another one of these kicking around somewhere... this is the 2015 zamac release of that year's '12 Ford Fiesta. I think it came in the spring internet order of cars, the one that included the Fandango Treasure Hunt.

Like I said before, this is a casting that I want to like, but am yet to find an example of that I really did. The zamac version of this car is OK, but the roughness of the zamac finish doesn't really do it for me.

'12 Ford Fiesta (Zamac)
2016 Mainline #157


Now this is unexpected

Also from the October Centrum dump bin -- this Zamac Batmobile.

So what's unexpected about this? I like it. I think it is the first zamac car that I've actually liked. And this one I'm pretty sure I like better than the painted versions. 

'73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car
2017 Zamac #1
I think the rough finish of the car's skin is complemented by the flawed tampoing, and it being set off by the perfect chrome bumpers and underside acts as a counterpoint. Even the black wheels with chrome rims is a perfect choice.


Lets Have A Zamac Week

So one of the surprises that came up in the dump bin that showed up at Centrum Walmart, the one that yielded the Bluebird wagon, was a couple of Zamac cars. First, and least interesting IMO, is this Pontiac GTO.

The GTO is a big, heavy car and it does have the "presence" of mass that I talked about the last time we had a large car -- but somehow this doesn't have the same charm that it did.

'67 Pontiac GTO
2017 Zamac #003
...and it is too big to fit in any of my storage bins, which is annoying too.


Interlude -- Mini Rush

So what with the new Minis, I figured why not look at the ones I had all at once. I remember my father had a Mini Cooper at the back of the driveway when I was a child. Apparently it was the car he brought with him when he moved to Ottawa from Montreal, and he had to sell it when he could no longer store his first car, an Austin Healey Bug-eye Sprite, at his parents house on account of them selling it. I think I even gave him a First Edition Mini back in 2000 or 2001 as a sort of memento.

Anyways. In no particular order.
Morris Mini
2017 Mainline #231

Mini Cooper
2004 Tiki Torchers 5-Pack

Mini Cooper
2001 Mainline #158
The pop-off mechanism is kind of neat, even if it is something we'll probably never see again in the mainline. I don't think I've taken all four pop-offs apart, and I've only taken them apart rarely. Even when the die was brand new the connection was clunky and felt like it would be prone to failure. So, it was a curiosity, nothing more.

This white one is the best, to my eyes. I like the 10-spoke wheels and the restrained tampo decoration, and the choice of a grey radiator piece works really well.

Mini Cooper
2007 Mainline #037

Morris Mini
2017 Mainline #231

Morris Mini
2000 Mainline #090
Group shot:


Friday F1

I guess at some point Hot Wheels abandoned the "Prototype 12" casting and got licensed. It's a nice car with some nice details. This appears to be this car's first appearance in the mainline.
McLaren F1 GTR
2017 Mainline #007