Missing Focus

Hey look, I found the '08 Ford Focus that I mentioned last time. Turns out I have too many blister packs on my desk and I'm losing track of them. 

'08 Ford Focus
2013 Mainline #084
Like I said last time, I think I like this color scheme and tampo variant better than the bright orange one.

...although for some reason the rear window has some kind of stress damage.


Cargo Deadhead

This year's addition to the ridiculous racing truck category.

Rig Heat
2017 Mainline #120
As a toy it is fine, as a model it isn't quite so fine as there's no place to hook a trailer to. That's pretty much the only complaint I have about this.


Grey Knight

Movie Batmobile imagined in a light grey. Nice subtle tampoing on the rear, but overall this car works better in black because Batman.

2017 Mainline #134


Another Le Mans Prototype

It's funny how I'll get interested in a casting and then a new release of it will pop up -- that's what happened with the Fandango, resulting in the Treasure Hunt that I showed last. This, on the other hand, is the mainline 24 Ours for 2017. There's also a Treasure Hunt which I'll have to resort to eBay to obtain -- but since it isn't a $uper, it will almost certainly be affordable. 2017 is a banner year for Treasure Hunts, since there are (so far) two of them that I both wanted and figure I can afford.

24 Ours
2017 Mainline #189
I like the coloring and the tampo work, however the wheels are not quite there. These wheels are allegedly glow in the dark, but I have not put that to the test yet.


Variable Focus

Another variant of the fine '08 Ford Focus. Picked up as part of my last eBay indulgence, but kept until now. Personally I like the other coloring better (which I seem to have misplaced? I thought it had been published already) and I'm still not really a fan of mis-matched wheel colors but it is what it is.
'08 Ford Focus
2013 Mainline #084

Sweet paint shard dangling off the rear rivet, dude.


Fixed Mini

I wonder when the Minis stopped having removable body shells.

Morris Mini
2017 Mainline #137


Sometimes, If You Are Going To Do Something...

...you might as well take the time to do it right. This is one of those cases. For whatever reason, Mattel has released this A100 as both a Hot Wheels and a Matchbox model. Matchbox has recently been taking more care to ensure that when they do real world or licensed models they take care to get the details right, while Hot Wheels frequently takes the vehicle as an "inspiration" to do something "fun". Thus this year's Hot Wheels A100 which has a low-rider profile, oversize wheels, and a deck for putting things on. The Matchbox model, on the other hand, is far more faithful to the original truck.
'66 Dodge A100
2017 Matchbox Mainline
The one thing I'm still not really used to on Matchbox is the wheels -- they look wrong to me after years of looking at Hot Wheels wheels. So I'm not really sure these wheels fit, although they are better proportioned.

As I get older I've been buying more Matchbox (although "more" is a relative number -- I'm probably still less than a dozen of them over the last three years) because the cars are more realistic. For whatever reason I don't need "fun" or "interpretational" models as much as I used to, I want cars that look like their source material.