Le Mans Week Closer

And we'll conclude our impromptu Le Mans week with this Porsche from the late 90's. This car has had a lot of care and attention paid to it, and the resulting details are very nice.
Porsche 911 GT1-98
2000 Mainline #250


Cadillac's Abortive Return

This open-cockpit LeMans sports-prototype represents GM's attempt to return to LeMans in 2000. At the end of 2002, the program was cancelled so that GM could concentrate on the Corvette program instead. This car is a descendant of the Riley & Scott sports prototypes of the late '90s.
Cadillac LMP
2001 Mainline #013


GT Predicessor

This is based on the Panoz GTR-1, a car which raced in the GT classes of Le Mans before the LMP-1 Roadster S program. As such it shares many styling elements.


Oldie Style Porsche

This car appears to be based on the '80s Le Mans Porsches, although for some reason it is wearing Chevrolet decoration. The rear hatch opens to reveal the motor assembly. The wing is a little on the thick side, but it is still a neat car.
Sol-Aire CX4
1998 Mainline #823


LMP Long Nose

For a while, LeMans LMP classes were open-cockpit roadster cars instead of the canopy cars that we see today. This led to some of the ridiculously long-nosed front-engined, rear-wheel-drive race cars like this one.
Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S
2003 Mainline 135


Le Mans

Here's a road-going version of the Le Mans race car by Mercedes. Apparently this is a real thing, where the race car was certified as road-worthy after the addition of signalling lights and some emissions pieces.
Mercedes CLK-LM
2000 Mainline #164
Anyways, since this is the Le Mans weekend, I thought this car would be appropriate. Unfortunately the glory days of 24-hour straight live coverage are gone -- although there is a streaming package that I subscribed to in the past -- I still hope to be able to see at least some of the race this year.


Mirror Graffiti

Mildly interesting how the "Graffiti Style" decorations on the side are a mirror image of the other side, so this is a "WH" instead of a "HW". I'll have the other color variation of this car up eventually too.
Super Tuned
2008 Mainline #074