Chin Up, Part 2

Echoing yesterday's Porsche, this '94 Toyota Supra from the Fast&Furious series also has a deep, track-unfriendly chin spoiler. On the other hand, it handily shows more how the plain white car should be executed. It
'94 Toyota Supra
2017 Fast&Furious #7
Perhaps the Porsche was too busy -- here the white looks clean and purposeful, a statement on its own, instead of a blank slate waiting to be written on. I can't really tell you why this one works and the Porsche didn't. Maybe it's the extra splash of contrast in the LW wheels. It also has details on the back which help break up the potential monotone of color.

I passed on this the first time I saw it, but regretted it. I am very glad that the Fast&Furious line became a bit of a peg warmer and I got another chance.


Chin Up, Part 1

Once in a while you see a casting that's clearly been released more for collectors than for play value. This casting of the Porsche 934.5 is clearly such a casting because of the ridiculously low chin spoiler that will make the car hopeless on the orange track and will end up dragging on the ground at the first hint of front axle deformation
Porsche 934.5
2017 Mainline #153
This particular instance of the car needs more decoration than it has -- there isn't enough detail in the casting to wear the smooth white paint with dignity. It looks like an empty billboard, and I'm sure future releases of this car will be garishly decorated.



So today's offering represents a science experiment that I wanted to do -- I wanted to see how much of a difference FTE wheels made to a car's track value. In 2005 this was made easy, since the exact same car was released with FTE wheels and with the more standard 5SP wheels.

Off Track
2005 Mainline #159
I did some basic experiments in which the FTE wheels would clearly go much further every time, however quantifying it is difficult since there is so much variation in wheel running quality. As a comparison, I also own a black 2004 Off Track which also has the 5SP wheels -- and in running back to back tests with these two cars, the 2004 car was closer to the FTE car than it was to the 2005 5SP car. Clearly roll quality is a crap shoot.

Off Track
5SP Wheels
Personally I think the 5SP car looks better.

Off Track
FTE Wheels

You can see that there's an engine molded into the inside insert.

Pretty nice all around.


Blurred Lines

Here's another Datsun 620, I bought it mostly because I have the other... three? four?... can't remember. Neat enough, except for the details.

Datsun 620
2017 Mainline #181
Tampo application is pretty terrible here, especially towards the back of the truck. The last white one we had was similarly terribly tampo'd, I wonder if it is a problem with the casting or the paint that is used.

Simple lines, neatly executed, good track value since the scary deep spoiler at the front isn't really as low as it looks thanks to it being tucked back.


Unexpected Focus

So why not another Focus to close out the week? This is another casting I've liked for a long time.
'08 Ford Focus
2008 Mainline #031
The attraction to me is the fender flairs, the extended nose, and the way the spoiler flows off the back. And in bright yellow it is a great winner. I remember liking it when I got it, but if you'd asked me before I pulled it out if it was a favorite I doubt I would have rated it at all. It is surprising how much better some cars are when you have them out again. I don't think I have any more of these castings, but I'll definitely add it to the list of castings I check for when I'm padding an eBay order.


Stripper Focus

...I did mention I had more than one of these, right? Right.

So this year at least some of the Zamac series made it to Ottawa. This is the first one I'll present; I have two more waiting for a more suitable time. The cars arrived in February or March, and such was the state of disorganization at some Walmarts that the mainline pegs were populated exclusively by the three Zamac models from the case.
Ford Focus RS
2017 Zamac #002
The Zamac series exists outside of the mainline and so has a different series number. This one is wearing the tampos from the white car, and shares the same red-rimmed wheels from the other two 2017 releases.

Zamac is something that always looks better in photos than it does in the hand. In photos it looks like this sparkly silver finish that has depth and reflections. In real life, it looks like abused aluminum. I didn't like the Subaru Brat in Zamac for the same reason. This one is somewhat better -- but only somewhat. Lots of people will pursue it because it is different; me, I don't see what the attraction is.


Alternate Focus

So since I have more than one of these, I figured I'd just put them together. This is the color variation for the Ford Focus RS. For 2017 Mattel has done something different, the color variations all have unique mainline numbers. This does rather sharpen the hunt, since you end up with a definitive list of what is going to be out there for the year instead of wondering exactly how many color variations there are going to be.
Ford Focus RS
2017 Mainline #176
This one has rather crap tampo application. It is bad enough that I'll be buying another one if I can find it, and this one will probably go to the office.
Love those red rims though.