Ice Cream Truck Rides Again

Yep, the Ice Cream Truck, sorry, that's the Quick Bite now, rides again. I've been looking for the green Pizza truck that I mentioned the last couple times this casting came up and I can't find it -- one of the boys has apparently reserved it for their private collection (ie it's buried in one of their rooms somewhere). This one works pretty well for me, although the top "Tacos" motif keeps looking like a poor tampoing job rather than the artful imagery that it actually is.

Oh and the roll quality is terrible. Fortunately, this is a collector's item and isn't expected to be played with at all </sarcasm>.
Quick Bite
2017 Mainline #332


Then And Now, Honda Edition: Conclusion

The 2016 Civic SI is loosely based on a concept art car from about four years ago for a Civic wagon. The wagon concept had a longer tail and a greater rake on the liftgate. The execution of the actual car is actually pretty nice -- although the rear is a little busy with "Turbo" stickers and winglet things -- overall it is a car that visually appeals to me.

The styling of this casting is decently done, however just like the first car in this series, the paint has chipping on the rear. To double down on that, there is chipping on the roof as well.

'16 Honda Civic Type R
2017 Mainline #327
I think the car needs a little something more to set off the black nose from the white body -- and the tinted windows are not it. This car just needs something.  Maybe white isn't the best color for this casting, we'll have to see in the future.


Then And Now, Honda Edition: Interlude

So after the blob Civics, we got something a little more refined. This isn't part of the Then And Now series for 2017, but it comes in between the Then and the Now cars, so I figured I would put it in here. There's also a more bulbous Honda Civic Si that comes after this one and before the conclusion of the Then And Now series, but I don't have one of those.
Honda Civic Si
2001 Mainline #027
This one isn't bad -- I think the rear wing is a bit out of proportion for the casting, and the tampoing is either a bit off or the car has experienced some damage since 2001 when I got it.

Because nothing says Civic like a roll cage.


Then And Now, Honda Edition

The Civic is one of those cars I have a soft spot for. I owned a '86 four-door sedan for three years in the early '90s until the transmission developed a ring-bearing problem -- discovered after I replaced all the parts in front of, and behind, said bearing. So the car sounded like a tractor when it was in gear.

This one is a nice clean Civic, probably the last model to come out before the pseudo-aerodynamics started to take over and turned the car into a blob.

'90 Honda Civic EF
2017 Mainline #330

This car has paint chips on the rear bumper, which makes me want to find another one. But overall it is very nice.


Better In Black

So this truck in black is executed much more nicely than the white one we saw earlier. The tampos are crisper, the body paint sharper, and the color scheme just looks better all around. Some of these trucks are hit-and-miss, but this one is definitely in the "hit" catagory.

Datsun 620
2017 Mainline #317


What's Better Than A Ferrari?

Yesterday I threw down a gauntlet, saying that yesterday's 512M wasn't worthy of the Friday slot this week. That's a tall order. But here's how I back that up: 

Mazda RX-3
2016 Car Culture: Japanese Historics #5
(Uh. Someone messed with the white-balance. Normally this gives worse photos, but I guess today we work with what we have.)

I can't believe that I've had this car for in excess of a year and have not shown it yet. It is, without a doubt, a highlight of 2016 -- and frankly, of my collection overall. (This opens up the can of worms which is "What are your favorite cars, Dave?" and I don't have either an answer for that or a way to present it. But that's for later.) I love the purple on this car, the deep front air dam, the way the car captures the "stubby-long" look that these kinds of cars embodied in the '70s and '80s. Fat fenders over real riders complete the look.

This car is definitely top ten of my collection -- and I am disappointed that there have not been more of this casting since. And yeah, it's better than -- I'm going to say -- any of my Ferrari cars. Yeah, I went there.


Friday Comes Early

So any other week, this Ferrari would be on Friday, because Ferrari Friday. But this week I have something better. Better, you say? Better than this gorgeous Ferrari 512M with a gorgeous red paint job? Well yes, I think I do. But I also think this is a tough act to follow. This is the third 512M I've shown, and they just keep getting better every time.
Ferrari 512M
2009 Mainline #095