Honda Anniversary Week: CR-X

I like: the casting is really strong on this one. The proportions are just about perfect. The fender designs are magificent. The details executed in the interior are wonderful. The gold 10SP rims and the choice of the red plastic base both strongly complement the black body. With the exception of the Hot Wheels logo on the rear fender, the whole color scheme is extremely well done.
1985 Honda CR-X
Honda 70th Anniversary #1
I don't like: the matte paint finish. Despite this, the tampoing is done really well, so well that the flaws on it are what ultimately sinks the model, if you follow me. They are so crisp that one is left wondering how excellent this car would look if, for example, the "Honda" on the passenger door was complete and there wasn't the dangling chad under the #85. Close enough to perfection to be a horrible mess. Also the choice to make it a mid-engine car rather than the front-engine that the road car was isn't one I approve of.

Is it worthy? No, it is not. There are no CR-Xs on display at the moment. This is a strong contender for display, but ultimately does not make the cut.


Honda Anniversary Week: SI #1

I like: the casting, the orange color, the color combination of the side tampos, and the rims.
Honda Civic SI
Honda 70th Anniversary #3
I don't like: the tampoing on the hood is very imperfect, the driver's door shows some damage, and this car could do with nose tampoing on its headlights.

Is it worthy? No, it is not.


Mazda Furai

Another multipack exclusive for 2018 is this Mazda Furai, which is one of the best ones that they've done that I've been able to collect. I like the deep burgundy satin color, and the tampoing is discreet and excellent.

Mazda Furai
2018 Multipack Exclusive
But is it worthy? I don't think so -- as good as it is, it doesn't displace either of the 24 Ours that are currently up there, and I don't see anything else that I'm willing to part with while this is in my hand. So, it's very good -- but not a knockout punch.


Green Machine

The first of the two multipack doubles is this green Mazda RX-7. Very nice color and tampo design which echos the 2017 Mainline. I love this casting more every time I see it. This one won't send a representative to the wall, mostly because the yellow mystery models car from last week is already there. But if it wasn't -- this one would be a shoe-in.

Mazda RX-7
2018 Multipack Exclusive


'08 Ford Focus

So the other week WalMart gave up some mega 10-packs. I don't know what it is about Walmart, but somehow they are able to sell a ton of these 10-packs so there is rarely the kind of stale stuff that I see at Toys'R'Us. In the course of a week I bought two 10-packs, and while there is some overlap between them, most of the cars in both were awesome.

The '08 Focus is one such awesome casting. I love the extended nose and the spoiler on the back. It's just a little ridiculous, but in a believable way. Not a huge fan of this tampo design, but I'll live with it. It is nice to see this casting get front/back wheels that match for a change.

'08 Ford Focus
2018 Multipack Exclusive